Miliband's Pasty PR

As the nation panic-buys petrol, the nation's politicians are panic-buying pasties.
Almost as soon as Osborne had slammed his now famous "comedy pie tax" down on a depressed nation, he was accused of "never having been in a Greggs."
Our PR-savvy PM was then left to wade in with a claim to have "once bought a pasty at Leeds station," as if this white lie somehow cleansed him of his privileged past. No real normal person would be able to afford a pasty at the West Cornwall Pasty Company in a station without being on expenses.
But worst of all is the posturing of the opposition. The guffawing faces of Ed Milliband, Ed Balls and Rachel Reeves just dropping in at a branch of Greggs leered out at me from the Metro this morning. You may be allied to the trade unions, but we don't believe you buy pies either, Miliband. You may "speak human", but you're probably gnawing on quinoa like a horse as you slip your pastries to the dog.
I could probably believe it with Ed Balls who looked rotundly at ease handing over the change for a pack of sausage rolls. Rachel Reeves looked like she would have rather preferred a double chocolate muffin, but kept on smiling through the photo-opportunity.
Meanwhile, the economy is collapsing and petrol station forecourts are running dry. Oh well, at least it's sunny. Not even pasty weather.

NB:I don't know why Greggs is seen as plebeian, it's just a bakery. Growing up with Bakers Oven we always thought Greggs was a bit posh because it had yumyums.


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