A sharp turn to the left

I'm not one for ironing. Ever. Believe me it is one of the most tedious tasks ever to face a woman, man or helpful house gnome. I wouldn't wish it on a highly paid Polish maid. However, I woke up this morning with a strong desire to take a hot steam iron to the piggy-pink fresh-from-skiing-in-Meribel faces of the so-called "coalition" Government (well, Osborne, Cameron and that one with all his cash in the Cayman Islands at least). It's not that I don't like millionaires, I would happily have an extra-marital affair with one....but what do they know about the lives of the populace?

Anyway, rather than resorting to steam-iron violence, I've decided that only a blog can satisfy my growing need to vent my fury, on behalf of us all. Mmmm.....now what would cheer everyone up in January? Free hot chocolate for the over 40s? The universal sun-lamp grant? Nahh, lets sock 'em with a VAT rise.
Not that it is really something to worry about, most of us can't afford to go shopping anyway. Thankfully orthopedic equipment and baby car-seats already have a significant VAT discount, which will help me significantly with my other bills.

So - expect comment and pictures of "Broken Britain" as interpreted under a Tory-mostly Government. Expect rubbish strewn streets, expect grim-faced tramps. Expect fury on a small scale.

Sorry anyone who was expecting me to exhibit felt animals or flower arrangements on this post. I may use them, along with my whimsical poetry, to break up the political tedium in future weeks.


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