Unions kicking off? What next?

I didn't want to post another pro-union rant, but sometimes David Cameron comes out with such dental floss, I feel someone should say something.
This week he was heard to say of the current union unrest, particularly across the public sector: “This Government is a very strong government. It’s got a strong majority. I believe the public is right behind the approach that we are taking and people need to know we will not change course because one union or another union wants to kick off.” 
Well, I'm not terribly sure "the public" is behind the approach you are taking (and neither am I sure about the word 'majority' either).
The newspapers may be taking it easy on the Government and its "we're all in it together" line, but people who've lost youth clubs, breakfast clubs, benefits, jobs are not all going to fall happily behind Great Uncle George Osborne and his Brave and Majestic Cutting Agenda.
I'm obviously not keen on strikes - they stop me getting to work. But I appreciate what they are there for. People make this country work, without them, everything grinds to a halt. Those in charge needed to be reminded of that. Planes can't fly. Five-star hotels have dirty beds and unwashed towels. Claridge's stops serving breakfast.


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