Of Traffic Cones and Mannequin Legs

Ah, so we return once more to the "Cenotaph Swinger" Charlie Gilmour. What a delight to discover that he has been charged with violent disorder  and theft of a mannequin leg during the tuition fee riots. This is what students DREAM of. I imagine him at home  in some country pile in years to come, surrounded by grandchildren and a warm Wurther's Original glow, recounting his tales from a misspent youth.
"But grandad, grandad, I have so many questions: was it male or female? Left or right? Haute Couture or H&M?"
My student house was fully stocked with "men at work" signs and traffic cones, from previous tenants' midnight sprees. How dull compared to this.
It only leaves me begging the question: did he commit any violent disorder with the mannequin leg, or were the two incidents unrelated?


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