Boris the train driver

I shouldn't expect Bob Crow is losing any sleep over Boris Johnson's threat that driverless trains could be the answer to the strikes crippling the network. The Victoria line can't run even WITH drivers, let alone technology to eliminate them. The hi-tech new trains on the Victoria continue to be a disaster, with no rush-hour journey complete without at least one defective one blocking your own train's path.Well, at least they have nice white lighting at foot level.
Mr Johnson's speech also suggested that these trains would however need some kind of untrained "attendant" to supervise the computer doing the driving.
"Anyone in this room could in a matter of a few weeks acquire the qualifications necessary to supervise an underground train," he said. This, surely, would defeat the object of driverless trains to break the unions......poorly paid, poorly trained attendants have employment rights and unions too, Boz. I'd like to see the blond Anatolian at the wheel of one of those terrorist-transporting ovens-on-rails for a twelve hour shift ending at 1am. Perhaps he could step in during the next strike? A good publicity stunt for around the royal wedding, I would suggest.


  1. as much as id love to see him driving the train, id like even more to see him compressed in to a rush hour truck, or even on of the last train rush carrages where the compression is garnished with redbull fumes and twats


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