First it was the Pigeons...

Poor Miss Polly Hoops. The delectable hula dancing girl in the thigh-high stockings has got herself some incredible publicity these last few days. Some of it featuring her in a very small pair of shorts and a skimpy vest.
Anyway, Westminster Council has served the poor performance artist with a "noise abatement notice" after her Trafalgar Square hula shows got up the nose of, well, it's not clear. Maybe someone irritable in the portrait gallery cafe who just realised it would cost them £6.50 for a coffee and a small biscuit.
The theatre studies student has the good fortune of having Eddie "Introduce the Euro to Britain" Izzard on her side as she contests the notice in court.
But if the press coverage continues, I think she will have the support of a large portion of the male population, not just the transvestite former unicyclist comedians.
Doesn't Westminster realise we need more of this sort of thing (sexy people hula-ing, not noise abatement notices) during the global financial meltdown? Less "GlaxoSmithKline antibiotics factory jobs joy" boring budget-day talk and more "Shout Out to Miss Polly Hoops! Get Your Hoops Out for the Lads" &c.
On reflection, perhaps the recession isn't an excuse for the sexual objectification of women. Or is it? Oh I don't know anymore.


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