New Year, Same Old Perineum

Having barely published a post all year, it is with a heavy heart that I approach my inevitable "Review of the Year". Inspired by the endless 2011 run-downs filling the holidaying media this week, I will give you some of my highlights. They don't mention the Arab uprising, by the way. Or Gaddafi (which, incidentally, should be spelled Qaddafi, if you want a bit more of a proper Arabic accent.)

So, best things for me were, in no particular order:

Rebekah Brooks' hair
Watching Carpetright burn down during the riots
Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding Hair
Burlusconi's hair weave
Andrew Neil's hair weave
Steve Coogan's Shakespearean barnet

Oh dear. This seems to be a review of the year in hair. With a slight diversion towards carpets/riots. So be it.


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