Ecological Interlude

Driving down the M4 this weekend I saw a solitary wind turbine. Its sails were stuck fast for want of a gust of wind. It looked sort of sad standing there. Yesterday it offered so much promise, but today, nothing. It made me think how the economic crisis has diverted our attention from ecological panic and investment in renewable energy/recycling and the like.
I wrote this in jollier times, when every business in the world was cynically cashing in on the mania for all things "green". Now they just offer two-for-one deals.


The Eco-Beast has risen from
Its Fairtrade cave
Rubbery free-range arms flailing
Embracing passing humans

The Eco-Beast has risen
A recycled energy-saving
Lightbulb in its hot and greedy hand
A carbon-neutral festival field
Littered with compostable plastic cups.

The Eco-Beast has risen
It’s plastic-wrapped organic charms
Glistening in the sun of global warming

Follow me! It calls
As a wind turbine groans overhead
Follow me! It calls, as vegan superfoods
Rain down from above.
And dollar signs swivel in its yellow eyes.


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