Why I won't be signing the petition to prevent Donald Trump's state visit to Britain

Theresa's stylist clearly thinks crazy presidents prefer orange

I don’t want to belittle the suffering of those affected by the Trump “Muslim ban” as it has been called. It is clearly a silly, racist and ill-thought-out move designed to please his (huge) fan-base.
However, unlike many of my liberal friends, I do not see how his actions are grounds for banning him from visiting our country. In fact, to do so would be to act as childishly and petulantly as Trump himself as he bashes out 3am tweets. As any parent knows, responding to your unruly children with emotion and fury only ever makes the situation worse.
I can undestand that those signing the petition are doing so out of a sense of powerlessness and fear over what Trump could do next...but "clicktivism" isn't going to solve a problem like the Donald.
And please let's not worry about the Queen being "embarrassed". She has spent a lifetime saying "Have you come far?" to people she's not keen on. She's a pro.
Clearly, Brexit Britain now needs America like a goldfish flapping about on the carpet needs a fishtank, so it is not a time for kneejerk hysteria and insults.
Ok, so he may be a stomach churning character who is a dangerous threat to the world. But Theresa May recognises that to shun Trump would be to act as he does towards those who are not to his taste. Surely, it is better that she disarms him with her charm offensive? Treating him warmly and appealing to his vanity is a time-honoured technique to have his ear and exert influence.
She is experienced and he is not. She is intelligent and can spell. He has neither of these qualities. Perhaps he will allow her to assume a mentoring role as the rest of world rejects him? There is a chance this insistence on a state visit – a flashy statement of commitment that would appeal to a brash millionaire, could earn her a degree of influence in Washington. Have you SEEN the gilding at Buckingham Palace? It would be right up his gold-paved street. Increased influence will allow her to fight for the interests of the UK and the wider world.
Clearly cosying up to the man that much of the rest of the Western world rejects is a PR issue for the UK, and it could be embarrassing. But we have already got omelette on our faces over Brexit and are sailing adrift from many of our allies – an embarrassment of our very own making.
It may have been foolish to jet over there so soon, and a state visit may appear unseemly, but making friends with the new president is the only way we stand a chance of trimming his worst excesses.
It is true, as Harry Potter author JK Rowling said, history will be watching Theresa May on this one. Let's hope she gets it right.


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