Gay Underwater Marriage

It's time to bring this blog up to date. It's time to bring this country up to date. It's time to start rejecting bigotry and old-fashioned prejudice dressed up with so-called "valid political arguments".
Those against gay marriage really do believe that "redefining marriage" will lead to the end of civilisation.
Well, if marriage is as defined by the religios, I managed to do that when I got married in a hotel down the road from my parents.
Marriage has, for some time, already been redefined. Once, it was all meeting the priest and never getting divorced even if your husband was sexually abusing the kids.
But now, divorce abounds. People remarry six times, with a younger groom each time. People get married up the London Eye or hanging from a bungee jump crane over a carpark in Milton Keynes. People get married in wetsuits in the local pool. God doesn't even need to be invoked for marriage to take place.
So, I simply don't accept the arguments against gay marriage.
So teachers "could be sacked" if they refused to "promote" it, whatever that means. I don't believe schools are really in the business of "promoting" any kind of marriage, but even if they were, we'd sort it out with a good old debate.
So there will be legal teething problems. We'll get through it. Democratic and civilized countries do. Let's prove we are a civilized, forward looking country. We are a better place for the smoking ban. We'll be a better place for gay marriage.


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