The Hairy Armpit Revolution?

A certain brand of razor (by that I mean Gillette) has scored a real coup at the Olympics. Enormous tower blocks facing the Docklands Light Railway are adorned with massive hoardings and assault the eyes as you travel between venues. And once you enter the Olympic Park, or switch on your TV, you are confronted with the smooth. A gymnast's armpit, confidently braced without a hint of bristles. A diver's crotch, pink and plucked. Even Tom Daley's chest looks unnaturally lacking in the hair department. Yes, it seems like everyone has been going madly at the Immac. Pubes have been well and truly eradicated from this 21st Century Games.
So it was to my great delight to watch the glorious glorious women's weightlifting, 63kg class. At first, all was conformist: every woman who stepped up to the vast weights gave a triumphant flash of shaven pit as they wrenched it above their heads. Either that, or they covered their pits in a t-shirt. But then on came Seen Lee. The Australian mining engineer stepped onto the floor, took hold of the bar, made a face...and whooop! There they were: The most fabulously hairy armpits I had ever seen in a world television event. Millions of people the world over admired her tumbling curls as the enormous dumbell swayed above her head. If ever an event was designed to show off a person's complete disregard for oppressive norms of armpit maintenance, that was it. Bugger the gymnasts and their brutal bikini lines. Bollocks to the beach volleyball girls with their smooth exfoliated legs.  Stuff you, Gillette and your evil profiteering from body-hair insecurities. Three cheers for Seen Lee, what a wonderful woman. Hoorah. She came seventh. She gets a gold from me though.


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