Attention Wonks: No Views Here

Until this week, I was doing well sticking to my resolution not to write about education. As it is my day job, I made a decision to keep it off the blog. It's simply too emotive a topic to be written about coherently. (mops brow with pedagogical flannel).
However, I have to make an exception this week. The mysterious "leak" of "top secret" documents revealing Michael Gove's plans to axe GCSE sent the Twittersphere alight from the second the Daily Mail rolled off the presses.
The left made the appropriate squawking statements about the return to divisive two-tier education systems. The right cheered a return to the good old days.
And no doubt Gove's wonks sat down with a cup of tea and a note pad (do wonks still use notepads?) and absorbed the reaction. Consultation via Mail scoop.
"Boss, they're liking the academic rigour but not the pigeon-holing at 14..." I can imagine one saying as he surfs the social networks.
"Is this going to help us win an election or not?" I can hear Cameron sigh as he delights in the doctors' strike being relegated to the inside pages.
It's like an episode of The Thick of It as seen from outside.
I've decided not to give my view on any of this. If the wonks are reading, I don't want to give anything away.


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